Is your real estate career at a crossroad?
Ready for a break from long hours and weekends?

Keep your license active, lower your expenses, & earn referral commissions!

Have you found other work?  Are you retiring after a long sales career? Are you taking time off to start other projects but plan to return some day to active sales?  Whatever your reason, goldassociates is the answer!

Don’t waste your real estate education and knowledge!  Take advantage of the years you spent building a client base! Earn referral commissions today with no up-front fees!

Does this sound like you?

My license is current, but I’m not actively involved in real estate sales

I’m involved in other businesses, ventures or jobs

I want to reduce my real estate business expenses

I’m not a member of a Realtor Association or I certainly don’t need to be

I’m taking some time off from active sales to go back to school

I want to return to sales after a well-deserved break

I’ve relocated to a new city leaving many friends & family

I’ve decided to retire from active sales and see the world!

I’m tired of adapting to a changing real estate market

Working nights and weekends is not for me

goldassociates is your answer!

Just because you’re not active in sales, doesn’t mean you can’t help your friends, family, and the people you know invest in real estate!


As a California Licensee, you can place referrals anywhere in the United States through Gold Associates!


All Gold Associates are members of Gold Nation and connected to over 3,000 of the most productive agents in 5 western states. You can be assured that your referral will be handled professionally and end with a referral commission to you!


You stay in control of your referral!  You set your own referral fee with the receiving agent!  (If you need help finding an agent, we’re there for you!)


As a California licensee, you can be paid a referral when you buy or sell your own homes too!

Why Join

in California?

You can make referrals to agents in all 50 states

You can make commercial referrals

You can refer yourself when buying or selling your own home and receive a referral commission

You can live anywhere in the world and make referrals

You can refer clients to some subdivisions

You are in control of your own income stream by setting your own referral commission

You choose the agent that will work your referral

You can attend educational programs to make sure you’re up-to-date on the current market

You need not pay Realtor, MLS, or local association fees, saving you thousands of dollars

You receive prompt Broker support by phone, text or email

You are covered by E&O insurance

When you become a “goldassociate” you become a member of Gold Nation, an affiliation of over 3,000 productive agents in 10 companies throughout Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington & Utah.

Don’t let your industry knowledge & experience go to waste

Keep your real estate license active!

Help your friends and family find the right professional to help them

You control your
income by setting
your own referral fee


(we can make recommendations if you want)

You receive commissions without listing or showing homes

Marketing Tools?

We’ve got you covered!

Business cards, email signatures, digital postcards, printed postcards can all be easily purchased online! Make sure everyone knows you can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Gold Associates called a “referral only” organization?

Licensees in Gold Associates are not engaged in listing, selling, leasing, renting, managing, counseling, or appraising real property. They refer clients to others to earn referral commissions. As a Gold Associate, you can still benefit financially from all your hard work in building a client base without the additional expense and time!

Must I maintain my membership in CAR as a member of Gold Associates?

No.  Because Gold Associates provides “referral only services” there is no need to pay National, State, or local Association dues, saving you thousands of dollars annually! 

Must I maintain my MLS dues?

No.  Because Gold Associates do not show homes, counsel clients, or write contracts, there is no need for MLS access.

Must I maintain a current real estate license to be part of Gold Associates?

Yes. You must maintain a current California real estate license to be an agent with Gold Associates and receive compensation.

Can I choose the agent that my referral will go to?

Yes!  You are free to refer clients to any agent of your choosing.

If I don’t want to choose an agent will you do that for me?

Yes!  We will find a qualified agent to handle your referral and guarantee you a 25% referral fee to the Company upon a closed transaction. 

If I place a referral, can I negotiate the referral fee?

Yes! You are free to negotiate any referral fee amount.

How do I place a referral?

Easy!  Send a completed Gold Associates Referral Form (found on the agent access portal) to the Broker 

What fees do I pay to be a “Gold Associate”?

We make it simple! You are on a 75/25 split on all referral fees paid to the Company. 

Are there other monthly fees?


Must I pay my own E&O insurance?

No, Gold Associates pays for your E&O insurance

What about marketing materials?

You are free to purchase business cards, printed postcards or digitized materials through the agent access portal

Ready to get started?

Join goldassociates

Begin your comeback story, today!