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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Gold Associates called a “referral only” organization?

Licensees in Gold Associates are not engaged in listing, selling, leasing, renting, managing, counseling, or appraising real property. They refer clients to others to earn referral commissions. As a Gold Associate, you can still benefit financially from all your hard work in building a client base without the additional expense and time!

Must I maintain my membership in CAR as a member of Gold Associates?

No.  Because Gold Associates provides “referral only services” there is no need to pay National, State, or local Association dues, saving you thousands of dollars annually! 

Must I maintain my MLS dues?

No.  Because Gold Associates do not show homes, counsel clients, or write contracts, there is no need for MLS access.

If I don’t want to choose an agent will you do that for me?

Yes!  We will find a qualified agent to handle your referral and guarantee you a 25% referral fee to the Company upon a closed transaction. 

What fees do I pay to be a “Gold Associate”?

We make it simple! You are on a 75/25 split on all referral fees paid to the Company. 

Must I pay my own E&O insurance?

No, Gold Associates pays for your E&O insurance

Must I maintain a current real estate license to be part of Gold Associates?

Yes. You must maintain a current California real estate license to be an agent with Gold Associates and receive compensation.

Can I choose the agent that my referral will go to?

Yes!  You are free to refer clients to any agent of your choosing.

How do I place a referral?

Easy!  Send a completed Gold Associates Referral Form (found on the agent access portal) to the Broker 

If I place a referral, can I negotiate the referral fee?

Yes! You are free to negotiate any referral fee amount.

Are there other monthly fees?


What about marketing materials?

You are free to purchase business cards, printed postcards or digitized materials through the agent access portal

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